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August 25, 2023
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Property development is a complex field that demands precision, expertise and a deep understanding of both the legal and market landscapes. This is precisely where Strauss Daly attorneys shine as specialists for property developers.

Offering customised, tailor-made services, Strauss Daly has garnered years of expert knowledge in both freehold (township) and sectional title developments spanning residential, retail, commercial, and industrial sectors. Regardless of whether your project is in a metro or a rural setting, our national footprint ensures you’re well-serviced.

Expertise on demand: Our team comprises dedicated conveyancers and seasoned development transfer and bond secretaries, all assigned to your specific project.

Thorough due diligence: With title deed searches, we ensure no restrictive conditions are overlooked.

Bespoke contracts: We craft customised end-user offer-to-purchase agreements tailored to your needs.

Bank partnerships: Our affiliations with major banks streamline bond instructions, ensuring efficient turnarounds and enhanced customer experiences.

Transparent reporting: Customised reporting systems are provided during both the sales and pre-sale vetting phases.

Hands-on collaboration: Strauss Daly professionals are available for meetings with developers, sales teams, and other professionals.

Nationwide service: Whether it’s for document signing or consultation, we cater to clients all over South Africa, thanks to our national footprint.

Unrivalled Experience: Our expertise in sectional title developments is unmatched, balancing high-volume demands with personalised service.

Professional network: Close affiliations with town planners, land surveyors, and other industry professionals enhance project outcomes.

Financial ties: Our relationships with financial institutions can be a game-changer for developers.

Here are a few of our clients and some property developments they’ve worked on. We are delighted to have partnered with them over the years.



Choosing Strauss Daly means opting for unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and personalised service in property development legal matters.

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