Strauss Daly offers well-equipped pre-legal debt collections call centres with sites in Durban - South Africa, Windhoek - Namibia and Mauritius.

We have well-skilled, motivated and trained staff, who can deal with both delinquent debtors, as well as client liaison. With this in mind our collection agents are more productive and maintain relationships with debtors through quality telephone calls, SMS’s, MMS’s, e-mails and letters of demand.

We have many years of experience creating customised collection strategies that work alongside your existing methods of collection. We are utilising the very latest in internet technology to automate the professional management of Debt Collection and End-to-End Legal solution, up to and including litigation.

Our processes provide industry specific end-to-end receivable management solutions that include early delinquency, pre-legal collections Letter of Demand letter series, early stage collection service, and a later stage contingency collections, and if appropriate, litigation on a national scale. Our aim is to resolve most cases without using the legal process, however if a debtor refuses to pay, the only alternative to ensure successful recuperation of the outstanding debt, is litigation. Our debt recovery processes are supported by our advance IT systems and infrastructure, which also allow for automated current reporting, regarding all your matters, via the internet.

What makes the Strauss Daly Call Centre different to competitors is our focus on improving our client’s business results and providing a value-added package beyond just a call centre seat.

We believe in continuous improvement and are constantly reviewing our processes, technology and strategies to ensure they are optimal and best practice.

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Engela de Villiers Consultant
Appointed 2008

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