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Michael Vieyra
Michael Vieyra
Appointed 2013
Senior Associate

BA, LLB (Attorney)


Experience in wide ranging commercial and high end litigation including contractual disputes, delictual disputes, defamation, and administrative action and employment law disputes.

All aspects of due diligence and pre-transactional investigation, including, provision of scoping documentation, onsite and server room due diligence, particular focus on a corporate compliance, statutory regulation compliance, contractual vulnerability and risk, generating of due diligence documentation including reports identifying compliance, non-compliance, contractual risk, legislative risk and measures to be taken in risk aversion.

Transaction Advisory Services including the formulation and generation of procedure and policies for contractual compliance, legislative compliance and commercial crime reporting compliance.

Contractual drafting, comments to documentation and transaction structure. Commercial opinions on all aspects of contractual and delictual law including shareholder disputes, licensee agreements, trade terms and conditions, labour disputes, deceased estates, copy right infringements and unlawful competition.
Experience on all aspects of Construction Law, including construction projects from concept to finality, drafting of bespoke construction contracts, including Principal contract and sub- contracts, strong knowledge of National Building Legislation, regulations and by-laws. Experience in the drafting, negotiation and implementation of standard form Agreements including JBBC, FIDIC, GCC, NEC, BIFSA and PROCSA. Experience in litigation and dispute resolution whether in terms of civil litigation or private arbitration. Advising client’s on construction guarantees and insurance related matters.

Advising on all aspects of Consumer Protection law including advising on and, litigation in respect of Consumer law matters on behalf of consumers and suppliers in respect of the Consumer Protection , and preparation of distribution and franchise agreements in compliance with consumer legislation.

Advice and start-up guidance in blockchain technology and virtual asset (cryptocurrency) regulation and compliance including cryptography and compliance in terms of the Electronic Communication and Transactions Act.

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