Labour Relations: Important new legislation of 2018: the Labour Relations Amendment Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Act & the National Minimum Wage Act.

2018 drew to a close and as we herald in a new year, so too have we seen the signing into law of the Labour Relations Amendment Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Act and the National Minimum Wage Act. The Acts have been signed off by the President and are due to come into effect in January 2019. The below would be a brief summary of the amendments.

The Labour Relations Amendment Act significantly amends section 69 dealing with picketing... Read More

The Global Pact for the Environment: A Critical Evaluation

A critical evaluation of the Global Pact for the Environment is undertaken with reference to the historical development of human rights and their link to the development of environmental rights; other initiatives to develop a comprehensive global treaty and motivation for the inclusion of distinctive environmental law principles and rights which should be included in the Global Pact.


The environment and environmental protection have only relatively recently become a matter of international concern. As such, the development of an internationally recognised environmental right has been a topic of much interest and debate: should there be a right to a healthy environment?.. Read More

Property Law: Purchasing and bonding a property in a foreign currency

From time to time, foreign investors may wish to secure loans made to South African property owners by means of a mortgage bond and in some cases, the lenders requires the mortgage bond to reflect the amount of the loan in a format with which they are familiar, i.e. a foreign currency of their choice.

Similarly, a foreign purchaser may require that a property purchased in South African is concluded in a foreign currency.  Allan West examines the situation where the parties insist that these amounts are reflected in foreign currency values in the deeds office. .. Read More



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