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Shipping Law: Co-ownership in Unregistered Vessels

Section 15 of the South African Ship Registration Act 58 of 1998 provides for ownership of shares in a South African ship by co-owners.

Registration of vessels on the SA Ship Register (as opposed to mere SAMSA certification) and the shares therein has various benefits, including a public recordal and prima facie proof of ownership in the vessel. It also allows the vessel to legally sail beyond the South African territorial waters as well as various other legal benefits and consequences... Read More

Shipping Law: The significance of underwater cultural heritage and conflicting legal interests

During April 1998, excavations for the construction on an office building near the San Rossore train station in the classical port of Pisa revealed nine Roman ships and confirmation that the harbour was one of the greatest ancient Mediterranean ports. The discovery of the vessels, which include a warship, together with their ancient cargo and remains of a Roman soldier and his dog, will allow marine archeologists to extend their knowledge of Roman shipbuilding techniques and of classic trade. The cost of excavation and the restoration process is estimated at $6 million... Read More

Shipping Law: The ship market and maritime finance in South Africa: An overview

The state of the ship market, maritime finance in South Africa and the effectiveness of our maritime laws in the protection afforded to financiers are the three pillars of our commercial maritime industry in South Africa. Steyn Botha evaluates the success of the South African Department of Transport in achieving its 1996 objectives of expanding this sector of the economy.

The South African economy and the economies of its landlocked neighbours are served by the six major ports on the South African coastline at Durban, Richards Bay, Port Elizabeth, East London, Cape Town and Saldanha... Read More

Shipping Law: Ship ownership and registration in South Africa

An overview of the process of ship registration and the effect thereof on ship ownership in South Africa. Steyn Botha assesses the progessive provisions of the Ship Registration Act  by comparing them to the repealed sections of the Merchant Shipping Act and the certainty it creates in law. The benefits which the registration process offers to owners by being able to pass deeds of mortgage over their registered vessels are considered. Read the overview here... Read More



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