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Ethics in action in the Legal Profession

“We have to link ethics to justice. If there is no justice in the world, nothing good will come from it.” Mr. Krish Govender, Chairperson of the Law Societies of South Africa (Ethics Committee).

1.   Ethics: Broadly defined

Ethics consists of knowing what we ought to do, and ethical decision-making consists of actually doing what we know we ought to do.

No person is born ethical; rather, just as there are stages of growth in physical and emotional development, so too are similar stages present when it comes to ethics and ethical decision-making... Read More

Strauss Daly hosts LEGUS with their 20th anniversary in Cape Town 2015

LEGUS International Network of Law Firms will be embarking on their 20th anniversary  in 2015 by presenting various informative meetings and enlightening education programs in Louisiana and in South Africa.

The South African events will be  hosted by Strauss Daly, whose privilege it will be to bring the international delegates to Cape Town and showcase what the Western Cape and South Africa have to offer.

The event allows lawyers from all over the world to assemble and cultivate valuable and respected professional relationships to better serve their clients as the need for worldwide expertise expands... Read More

Historic Legal Practice Act signals the start of a new dispensation for the legal profession

The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) welcomed the promulgation of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014, gazetted on 22 September 2014 with the following statement:

 “This is a historic event for the legal profession as it signals the formal start to a new dispensation, which we believe will usher in a transparent, transformed, public-centred and responsive profession – changes which the attorneys’ profession has long supported.”

The press release  adds further: “The LSSA has cooperated fully in the long process that has led to the Legal Practice Act and we commit ourselves to cooperating actively with all the relevant stakeholders in the transitional phase that will come into effect once the implementation date for Chapter 10 of the Act dealing with the National Forum for the Legal Profession, is promulgated... Read More

POPI: How it affects you

The Protection of Personal Information Act (the ‘POPI Act’) has a significant impact on the way in which organisations or entities collect, store, process and utilise information to, from and between customers, clients and employees.

The POPI Act promotes the protection of personal information processed by a public and private body[1]. It aims to introduce certain information on protection principles to establish minimum requirements for the processing of personal information.

The POPI Act should be interpreted in a way that does not prevent a public or private body from exercising or performing its powers, functions and duties related to processing personal information... Read More



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