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Contract Law: Cancelling a contract without a termination clause

An agreement that is reduced to writing is preferred because it is easy to prove the express terms of the contract. However, a party who sues on a contract must prove its terms, which can become a challenge when the term in contention is a cancellation clause that is not in the contract. Two Supreme Court of Appeal (‘SCA’) cases are analysed to illustrate what the court considers when deciding on tacit termination clauses.

In Cecil Nurse vs. Bongile Nkola 2008 (1) ALL SA 428 (SCA) the court had to determine which suretyship agreement was binding on Mr Bongile Nkola (‘the respondent’)... Read More

Contract Law: Waiver of a right to cancel: Sewpersadh v Dookie [2008] 1 All SA 286 (D)

A sale agreement had been entered into in regards to the purchase of a property. The material terms of the agreement were that the purchase of price would be paid via installments over a 24 month period. The respondent then breached the terms of agreement when he failed to pay the full purchase price. In light of such failure to pay, the applicant sent a letter to the respondent demanding compliance within seven days.

The applicant asked the court for the ejectment of the respondent from the immovable property on the ground that the agreement of sale had been cancelled... Read More



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