Monthly Archives: March 2014

Strauss Daly hosts LEGUS with their 20th anniversary in Cape Town 2015

LEGUS International Network of Law Firms will be embarking on their 20th anniversary  in 2015 by presenting various informative meetings and enlightening education programs in Louisiana and in South Africa.

The South African events will be  hosted by Strauss Daly, whose privilege it will be to bring the international delegates to Cape Town and showcase what the Western Cape and South Africa have to offer.

The event allows lawyers from all over the world to assemble and cultivate valuable and respected professional relationships to better serve their clients as the need for worldwide expertise expands... Read More

Employment Law: Does annual leave accrue while you are on maternity leave?

Labournet’s Bongani Khanyile takes a look at what happens to annual leave when an employee is on maternity leave.

Does the maternity leave interrupt the accrual of annual leave entitlement of the employee? Given the number of queries they are inundated with on a daily basis, this topic is far from being trite.

Perhaps the best starting point for this discourse is to revert to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the provision regarding annual leave therein in order to solve this apparent legal penumbra... Read More



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